Dry Mortar Plant

GJ50 Dry mortar plant

Easy to mix and take less space
Better finish and surface appearance
Almost no wastage of the material at site
Good workability and sag resistance
Reduced shrinkage cracks by better cement hydration
Equipment installation & electrical commissioning training
higher compressive flexural & tensile strength than ASTM standard values
good bond strength for no delaminating or pop-out on smooth surface

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Aimix dry mortar plant serves to lay bricks & other masonry blocks, coat building as renders & skim coat & fix tiles. After producing, customers can either pack the mortars in bags or just keep them in the finished product bin according their actual demand. Aimix dry mortar plant can be widely applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, compound fertilizer, rubber, building materials, refractory materials and etc.

Technical Parameters of Aimix Dry Mortar Plant:

Model GJ05 GJ10 GJ15 GJ20 GJ30 GJ40 GJ50 GJ60 GJ80 GJ100
Production Capacity (T/H) 5 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
Mixer Mode WSH-2.0 WSH-6.0 WSH-10.0
Power of Mixer (KW) 18.5 55 75
Mixer Dimension (M) 2.405×2.200×1.600 3.365×2.886×2.235 4.260×4.510×2.536
Control System Semi-auto/Full auto

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Advantages of Aimix Dry Mortar Plant:

Patented three cylinder dryer:

Its main role is to reduce the water content in the yellow sand by oven after atmospheric drying, the water content from 8% to less than 0.5%. It also set temperature measurement and cooling equipment in the grading and conveying process, to insure the temperature of the yellow sand is ≤60℃, which is very important to ensure the produce function & the mortar quality.

Two-shaft gravity free mixer:

Gravity-free mixer barrel equipped with dual-axis reverse optional paddle which is overlapping and form a certain angle. When the paddle rotate, aggregates are thrown into the Space flow layer which resulting in an instant weight loss, then fell. Aggregates are mixed back and forth, and radical move along the shaft to achieve uniform mixing.

Dust removal equipment:

US advanced technology air box pulse bag filter which has features below:
Easy routine maintenance & long service life.
Dust removal efficiency up to 99.9%, Dust emissions can be controlled below 30mg / Nm3
Advanced sealing measures ensure less than 2% air leakage coefficient. Can deal with high concentrations of dust below 100g / Nm3


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