Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Aimix Truck Mounted Static Pump, which can be mounted onto a truck chassis, offers greater mobility than a trailer pump. It might be a slab for an extension at the back of a home or garden where running a pipeline through or round the building is the only option. If a concrete pumping work is needed, the operator can drive it straight to site. Aimix truck mounted concrete pump is widely used in city construction, bridge construction, etc.

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:
Maximum concrete output- 96 m3/h.
Maximum pressure 18 Mpa.
Maximum aggregate size – 50mm
Weight – 11425kg
Type Of Distribution Valve: S Valve
Max. Conveying Distance(Horizontal/vertical): 1200/180 m
Supplied with truck mount sub-frame for mounting onto a suitable vehicle.
Overall Dimension (Mm): 9000×2500×3070

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Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete boom pump has remote-controlled articulating robotic arm (called a boom) to place concrete accurately. Truck-Mounted Boom pumps are used on most of the larger construction projects as they are capable of pumping at very high volumes and because of the labour saving nature of the placing boom. It has the features of quick setup, high uptime, and high resale value, etc.

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Technical parameters of Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

Item HBCS80 HBCS90
Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output (Low/High Pressure)( m3/h). 81-88 96
Maximum Concrete Pumping Pressure(Low/High Pressure) (Mpa) 16/13 18
Concrete Slump (Mm) 80-230 80-230
Aggregate Size (Mm) Pebble≤50 Pebble≤50
Gravel≤40 Gravel≤40
Power (KW) 110 176
Speed (r/Min) 1480 2200
Conveying Cylinder Diameter (Mm) Φ230/1650 Φ230/1650
Type Of Distribution Valve S Valve S Valve
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 600 600
Hopper Capacity (m³) 0.8 0.8
Filling Height (Mm) 1400 1400
Maximum Theoretical Conveying Distance(m) Horizontal: 1200 Horizontal: 1200
Vertical:180 Vertical:180
Hydraulic System Pressure(Mpa) 32 32
Overall Dimension (Mm) 9000×2500×3070 9000×2500×3070
Total Weight (Kg) 11425 11425

Items Unit  Technical Parameters
CL5281THB-37/4 CL5291THB-37/4 CL5281THB-39/4 CL5291THB-39/4
Theoretical Pumping Capacity m3/h 150 150 150 150
Pumping Capacity Index Mpa.m3/h 586 586 586 586
Hopper Capacity L 700 700 700 700
Feeding Height mm 1370 1370 1370 1370
Max.Distributing Height m 36.6 36.6 38.7 38.7
Max.Distributing Depth m 25.5 25.5 27 27
Distance between
Front Landing Legs
mm 7058 7058 6800 6800
Distance between
Rear Landing Legs
mm 6848 6848 7000 7000
Diameter of Conveying Pipe mm 125 125 125 125
Length of Tail Hose m 4 4 4 4
Remote-control Distance m 200 200 200 200
Front Tread mm 2065 2022 2065 2022

If you are interest in Aimix electric concrete trailer pump, please Contact us directly, we will provide professional and customized service to you.

Features of Aimix Truck Mounted Concrete Pump:

S-shaped reversal valve ensure a proper sealing property.
High-pressure cleaning system is set to facilitate vehicle cleaning.
Customized is available. You can have your equipment adjusted to specification.

Robust outriggers offer maximum steadiness with minimum footprint.
Big-diameter transport cylinder affords good sustainability and large pumping discharge.

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